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An extension to your home should be a natural compliment to the original design and should blend in with the surrounding houses. Great care is taken when choosing the materials as to match the existing dwelling. Before we purchase any key items such as bricks roof tiles etc we always provide samples as to receive your authorisation prior to ordering.

Whether your development is a simple conversion or a five bedroom luxury house our standard is consistently high throughout. Our quality is also reflected in our excellent staff who will endeavour to help with any onsite queries or problems.

Your design will be laid out to make the best possible use of available space and will be full of those little touches that turn a extension into part of your home.

The doors and windows will be positioned to enhance the amount of light flowing through, achieving a warm and welcoming feeling throughout your home. All of your windows and doors will be built to match the existing building as much as possible, and of course you will receive double glazing.

Our Complete Service

At HPS we will tailor our services to meet with your requirements. This can be from providing the labour force to carry out the work, with you supplying the drawings or our full service.

Not all extensions require full planning permission; some may only need building regulation approval. We can advise on this in the initial consultation.

Why not make use of this wasted area in your roof and convert it into part of your living space and add value to your property