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The average homeowners spend over 19 hours a week in their kitchen. Our kitchens are no longer just the place for preparing and eating family meals, kitchens have evolved into multi tasking environments used for paying bills, doing homework, working on hobbies and family gatherings. The function of a kitchen and its size dictate which materials, fittings and furniture should be used.

Contact us to arrange an informal visit to your home, where we can measure up and discuss your ideas for the kitchen and hopefully be of help, give advice and explore your possibilities. We have access to a large number of kitchen ranges to suit any budget.

We will design your kitchen using the latest computer design programs, which will enable us to show you a very good representation of your final product: but allowing changes to be made at this early stage to thereby ensure your total satisfaction in the delivered project.

Alternatively, we can offer a supply only service, whereby we will design and supply your chosen kitchen for you, along with any tips and advice that will assist your installation.

We also offer a fitting only service. For a competitive price, we will gladly supply the labour and experience to fit your kitchen if you have already purchased your kitchen.

In order for us to fully understand your requirements, why not give us a call to discuss your new kitchen and obtain a no obligation quote?